Conveying powerful emotions through music, singing and the spoken word, sound plays an important part in our lives… and your venue.

Front of house PA system at ICCW

For decades the design and installation of reliable audio infrastructure has been at the very heart of what we do. So, we understand the importance of great sound in any broadcast, live event, performance or presentation.

Front of House PA Systems

You’ll hear our front of house audio systems working from landmark venues, such as the Royal Opera House, to community halls and primary schools.

We’re here to help. Selecting the right front of house system can be difficult. Our expert team will help you balance your ambition and budget, ensuring the end result is an engaging audio experience for your audience.

Sennheiser Digital Wireless Radio Microphone System in rack
Wireless Solutions

When cables constrain your performance, going wireless may be the answer. It isn’t just radio mics for your energetic lead vocal, cast or pacing keynote speaker. We also offer In Ear Monitoring (IEMs) for band members, keeping the on-stage volume lower and boosting mix clarity.

Stage managers, front of house and technical staff can break free too, thanks to our wireless intercoms. 

We’ll guide you through the pros and cons of wireless, the choices available and the licensing rules. Whether you need wired or wireless, we’ll find a solution for you.

Sennheiser Mobile Connect Assistive Listening System
Assistive Listening Systems

We believe accessibility is important. The best events, presentations and performances connect with the widest number possible. Our assistive listening systems help more people enjoy more performances. 

We design and install state of the art assistive listening systems, using technologies such as conventional induction loop systems, infrared systems and new Wi-Fi based systems.  

Want to learn more about Audio? Contact us.

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